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Soul & Spirit Care

We were designed as a three part person: Body, Soul, & Spirit. We must learn to nourish all three of those unique parts of ourselves to truly become all God designed for us to be. Here you will learn to integrate those three parts of yourself to rise up to your full potential.

Restructure Group (6 weeks)

A six week intro to health and nutrition. In this course you will learn the basics of how to begin your health and wellness journey. You will become knowledgeable of what your body actually needs to sustain a healthy lifestyle, and what is causing the rapid growth of disease and how to prevent it

Revitalize Group (6 weeks)

A six week intermediate course on advancing your health to the next level. This course will offer a more in-depth look at your personal health goals, and how to achieve them. You will gain knowledge on specific foods, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and more.

Restore (3 hour intensive)

A once-a-month 3 hour interactive intensive. Here you will learn a variety of skills on how to implement the most cutting edge health and wellness techniques into your busy everyday lifestyle. Each month there will be a new and exciting topic presented, as well as guest speakers, and demonstrations.

Bon Appetit’

Live from your kitchen, a healthy cooking demo in the comfort of your own home, splashed with an educational component about food choices, and healthy cooking techniques. 10 person minimum, 20 maximum

Pantry Makeover

An interactive experience of totally restructuring your pantry or refrigerator to help jumpstart your new healthy lifestyle.

Grocery Store Tours

Either offered individually or in groups, come join me in a live grocery store health tour of what is healthy and what to avoid.

Individual Health Coaching

(You will receive two sessions per month to work on your own individual health related issues, and have a more in-depth, strategic look at the new direction you are choosing to take).